The commercial begins with an overhead view of a man in a black hat and red coat. The lights change direction, and you can see his shadow move around like he is a sun dial. A man in a cape is then shown (silhouette only) in front of a movie projection. Another silhouette is shown sitting on stacks of Nike shows inside glass/plastic boxes, and another shadowed man stands in front of dozens of microphones. There is a quick overhead shot of the man again, then the lights are turned on and we see the guy who was sitting with the shoes in the glass boxes. He pulls out a something that looks like a TV remote, points it at the camera, and the music changes and we switch to a guy breakdancing with a crowd of people around him. We see a brunette, and as she smiles we can see that she is wearing a mouth guard. She then takes a swing toward the camera with big yellow boxing gloves and we found out she is a boxer. Another girl with headphones around her neck is spinning Nike hightop shoes on her fingers like people spin basketballs. We are then shown a blond woman, and various images are being projected on her face like spinning line patterns, old Japanese masks, and a grill grate. We then see the guy who was standing with all the microphones (in the light this time), the camera is switched to his point of view for a few seconds and we see camera flashes. As the camera moves back to point at him, he blows and everyone disappears. A referee (i.e., Foot Locker) uniform is shown, and the black stripes are painted yellow, red, and purple. An multi-colored LED spotlight is shown while they show the breakdancer again, and there are several shots of the dancer and the light in a kaleidoscope effect. Several mens suits are shown, and then a guy in a Nike workout suit is shown standing next to them. A tailor is shown working with his tools (pins, tape measure, patterns, needle and thread, etc.). There are a lot of quick shots including speaker pendulums, a gold metal, a roller skater with leg-warmers, some unusual hanging artwork with Nike stuff on it, people in African or aboriginal masks, some Asian technological sculptures, a guy with two different color eyes (green and blue), the guy with the cape with fireworks firing above him, and more. They guy with the remote control points it at the camera again and turns everything off.

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DefyTradition (Defy Tradition) 
DefyExpectation (Defy Expectation) 
DefyStereotypes (Defy Stereotypes) 
DefyPrejudice (Defy Prejudice) 
IAmTheRules (I am the rules) 
Nike Air Max 90 styled for Foot Locker

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