The commercial begins with a bunch of people waiting at what appears to be a subway station. As the train pulls into the station, we can see that instead of a subway train, it is a rollercoaster. We then see a view of the city street, but instead of normal cars and taxis, all the vehicles are bumber cars. In an office building, we see someone roller skating instead of walking down the hall past cubicles. As the woman skates by, tons of bubbles are being blown from one of the cubicles. The elevators in the building have over-the-shoulder safety bars, and drop suddenly like amusement park rides. The lobby has a teacup ride. At the airport, the airplanes look like old Fischer Price toys. The whole time all the people featured in the ad are holding/using the new Blackberry Torch.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

AT&T and Blackberry have teamed up to evolve the smartphone. Business meet fun... fun, business. AT&T rethink possible.

Written Text

Taxi Zone. 
Rethink Possible 

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