The commercial begins with people in various styles of Snuggies doing the Macarena dance. We then see a couple in their Snuggies laying on the couch together eating popcorn and watching TV. Then a whole family is playing foosball followed by two teen girls hanging out in their bedroom in their Snuggies. People are doing the hula hoop, at a football game, knitting, lounging, reading, doing homework, and finally, they show a whole roomful of people doing the Macarena while the song plays in the background. There are all types of Snuggies shown in the commercial from solid colors (blue, red, pink, etc.) to patterns (leopard print, peace signs, monkeys, zebra stripes, spirals, clouds, skull and crossbones, sweatshirt style). At the end of the dance scene we even see the pet Snuggie with a small poodle wearing it. One man is seen looking at a centerfold in a magazine, but when he turns it around, it is a woman dressed in a pink Snuggie. Can we say "Snuggie" one more time?

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The new Snuggie blankets are here! 
Watching a show on TV in my Snuggie 
Happy that my hands are free in my Snuggie 
I'm just as warm as can be in my Snuggie 
I love my Snuggie 
Went to the game (and we won) in my Snuggie 
Being nice and warm is so fun in my Snuggie 
Dancing around having fun in my Snuggie 
Hey get your Snuggie 
It's the blanket with sleeves that keeps you totally warm and your hands free, and now all the new limited edition styles are available at retail locations everywhere. Hey! Get a Snuggie! 

Written Text

Available at retailers everywhere 
Snuggie XXL

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What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...

performed by Los Del Mar; features Pedro Castano

This Song is played in Snuggie Commercial
The Snugarena song parodies the Macarena and includes the dance move.

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