Like most Apple commercial, this ad doesn't contain any speaking, but simply uses written words, pictures, and music to convey its message. This ad uses piano/keyboard music in the background. It begins with someone using the iPad to help them come up with recipies (the screen shows carrots and green onions, and then a meat dish - possibly fish) (delicious). It then shows the person reading an on-screen magazine (or web magazine), and flipping through the pages (current). It then shows a child using theh iPad to to math homework. The child writes (with finger) the answer 10 to the question 4+6 (learning). Two people are then shown playing a game on the same iPad at the same time where they appear to be doing something with fruit including watermelon (playful). We then see an image of a bookshelf and someone choosing a book to read. As soon as the click the cover, the book opens and they flip a page (literary). Someone can then be seen drawing a picture of a woman, and coloring in the lips red using the touch screen (artful). Someone is then shown updating their Twitter profile by telling everyone they are going to the beach (friendly). The iPad is then used for business as someone moves a pie chart around on a document and then resizes it (productive). An app or web page is then shown about science, and the person flicks a mineral and it starts spinning (next to an already spinning object) (scientific). We then see someone using the iPad in a unique way by holding it upside down over their head with the screen facing them and looking up at the stars with a star chart app. As the iPad is moved around, the chart stays in the proper place in the sky (magical).

Written Text

iPad is delicious, current, learning, playful, literary, artful, friendly, productive, scientific, magical Flipboard - your social magazine Cool hunting 4+6=10 The Piano Teacher Kathryn Stockett Alex Cross The Boy who Harnessed the Wind Me Talk Pretty One Day - David Sedaris* The Unnamed - Joshua Ferris The Fleet Street Murders - Charles Finch Food Rules - Michael Pollan Under the Dome - Stephen King Kelly Corrigan Eclipse - What's happening? Heading to the beach. Approach and Details Bismuth - Nitrogen N 7 iPad - apps and content from iTunes

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