Other than the very beginning, the commercial is similar to most recent iPod / iPhone commercials. The commercial stars with two people - one person on a skateboard, and one person holding/pulling on a huge blue tarp. As the person starts pulling, the skateboarder jumps in and it looks like they are riding a surf board through a big half pipe wave. Then the iPod Touch 4G (4th Generation) is featured with a set of hands holding it. It starts out in landscape (horizontal) mode, and the first thing shown is very quick shot of a band playing in a garage, and then there is a video of a boy jumping onto a surf board / boogie board at the beach. He slides into a small way and falls over. They then show two people playing each other in Street Fighter. They then show someone playing a pinball game called Wild West in portrait (vertical) mode. We see some sort of visualization or spiraling tunnel-like game and then an fighter jet/airplane game. Numerous other games including a skateboarding game are shown, and then the FaceTime app is shown with an image of a brunette on the other end of the "phone" (assumably connected through Wi-Fi). We then see the other end of the call with a guy in a red sweater. A whole bunch of phones flip by showing other people using Face Time.

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Wild West 
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