The commercial begins with an interior view of the 2011 Ford Edge looking out on a city street, and then it shows as the car drives through a short tunnel and out the other side. After some quick shots of the exterior and rear of the vehicle. They then concentrate on the central screen which performs a variety of things such as handling hands-free calling, music/MP3s, GPS navigation, climate control, gas prices, and much more. They show a 3D view of the streets (including wireframe buildings). A picture of a boxer (dog) is shown on the display. They then show the speech recognition by allowing the driver to set the MP3 playlist (Kate's Mix) and change the temperature.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

How new is the new Edge with My Ford Touch? Well, you could never do this before. Or this. Or this. And you definitely couldn't do this. Play Kate's Mix. Or this: Temparature 72 degrees. Say hello to the new Edge with Ford My Touch. Quite possibly the world's smartest crossover. 
Oh oh oh Oho o o

Written Text

Max Lund (749) 555-0194 
Accept Call 
Reject Call 
Bopp's Phone, Quick Dial, Phone Book, Call History, Messaging, Settings 
Privacy, Hold Call, Mute Call, Join Calls 
My MP3, USB1, Pop, Morning Sun 
Entertainment, Phone, Navigation, Climate 
MP3 / Song information 
Kate's Mix, Grant Mohrman, The Stereonaut, Cat Driscoll, Rodeo Rhapsody 
Shayna Zaid and The Catch 
Ford The New Edge 
Drive One

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