This commercial begins with a shot from the interior of the 2011 Ford Edge. You can see out the windshield that the car is driving in a city. The commercial focuses on the center console and its features. It has GPS with an almost 3D display (wireframe buildings) which can calculate different routes including the most fuel efficient route, and locate the best gas prices.

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How smart is the new Ford Edge? Well, it can show you the most fuel efficient route to where you're going. It can find the best price on gas. Show fuel prices. And now its V6 gets the best fuel economy in its class. Say hello to the new Ford Edge, quite possibly the worlds smartest crossover.

Written Text

My MP3 Pop Morning Sun USB1 
29 Miles to empty 
Gas Stations 
Display Mode, Trip 1 & 2, Fuel Economy, Settings, Information 
Fuel Economy, Ave 27.0 MPG, 29 mi to E, Hold OK to Reset 
Ford, the new Edge 
Drive One

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