The commercial begins with a shot of several buildings on a steep hill in San Francisco. A bike messenger is show riding down a hill from an alley, he get's the the bottom of the hill and slides his bike sideway. We see him riding his bike and later using his Blackberry Torch. We then see a DJ at a party wearing a sweater and a white hat. They show him mixing with his turntables, and then him talking on a couch. They come back to the bike courier who refers to the Torch as a "future phone".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm a legal courier. I have to look at multiple cases. With Blackberry Torch, I can have multiple tabs going - scroll over to it and there it is. 
I'm not always going to have two turntables and a mixer. I love the music player on the Torch. It's a creative playlist on your phone. It's amazing. 
I call it a future phone (ha ha). It's awesome.

Written Text

Love what you do 
Favorites - Browser, Maps, BlackBerry Messenger, Music 
Introducing the new Blackberry Torch only at AT&T

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