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The commercial begins with a Blackberry Torch sitting by itself on an old wooden tabletop. There are ocean sounds in the background, and then someone slides up the screen on the phone so we can see the keyboard. The Blackberry is set to send an email, and we see the text "AT&T and Blackberry tell a whole new story. The screen then shows the cover of Moby Dick, and the commercial begins to show all the ways you can search, discover, communicate, collaborate, and share the topic of Moby-Dick with yourself and others. It begins by starting a song by the artist "Moby" (i.e., Moby-Dick), then shows them playing a video clip from Jimmy Neutron where the character quotes the first line of the novel by saying, "Call me Ishmael". 
They then use a mapping app to find Nantucket, Massachusetts which is where the story begins. We are shown pictures of a lighthouse, and then the Blackberry Torch spins around with its camera flash on like it is a tiny light house. We then see they are looking at Captain Ahab's (a main character from the book) Facebook profile, and they post a status update on his Wall. The responses to the wall post soon generate some responses including some pictures of whales including on (supposedly from flickr) of a huge whale jumping out of the water next to a tiny boat. 
We then see that the Torch has voice recognition, and the phone's owner says, "Moby Dick" and the phone starts searching and returns an eBay listing for a large old fashioned sail boat/ship. As the picture of the ship is shown on the screen, it slides across (like it's actually sailing) and comes back on the other side of the screen. From another mapping program, we see that the ship is sailing around the southern edge of Africa like in the novel. A calendar application is shown with the days scrolling from June 24 (2010) to August 12, and then the message, "Thar she blows!"  
The user searches for "White Whale", and we can see a video of a whale jumping out of the water followed by several Twitter updates. On a Scrabble game, someone puts "Yikes". Numerous illustrations are flipped through creating an almost animated view of a whale jumping and smashing through a ship, and then a real photo and news story is shown of the recent images of a whale jumping onto someone's boat. Finally, the commercial ends with an ASCII art animation of a whale jumping.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Moby Dick 
Searching for Moby Dick 
AT&T and Blackberry have teamed up to evolve the smartphone. AT&T, rethink possible 
People they come together

Written Text

AT&T and Blackberry tell a whole new story. 
Herman Melville 
Mike and the Molly's - Come Back 
Moby - We are All Made of Stars 
Grantigos - Ship's Ahoy 
Jimmy Neutron - Ishmael 
Mitch & Marcus Show 
Maps, Driving 
Get Map and Directions - Nantucket 
Facebook - Captain Ahab - Searching for Moby Dick 
I want to go! Me too! I'm in. Is this him? (picture of whale) No. This is 
Flickr - Moby Dick 
Seriously? Ship's Ahoy! 
Say a command 
moby dick - searching nearby... 
eBay - 90ft Sailboat - Bid, Watch 
AT&T Family Map 
August 12 - Thar she blows! 
White Whale - Whales in Antarctica, Whale watching summer vacation 
Starbuck - There he is! 
Flask - He's huge! 
Stubb - Take a photo! 
Whale crashes into boat 
The End 
AT&T Blackberry Torch 
Rethink possible

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