giffgaff | Stay because you want to stay

Small smiles.

Says hey, come round and play. Stay, because you want to stay. Small vs. Big... Come join us:

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Big's a big wig in a big leather chair in a big gig. Small sits on a stool. Small's nobody's foo. Big trips over small. Big's an opinion. Small is a hunch. Big's at a corporate lunch. Small has a sandwich. Small saves. Small raves. After Big's fleeting greeting he's soon back in a board meeting. Small holds your hand. Small's your biggest fan. Small's in the band. Big talks big talk. Someone can take a walk. Small whispers. Small listens. Says thank you. Says please. While Big's bigging it up like the big cheese. Small's light on its feet. Small knows the street. Small's where it's at. Small's got your back. Big's all small print, all routine. Big's all wafer and no ice cream. Small stand by. Small waves hi. Big says stop, you cannot go. The computer says no. Small smiles, say hey, come round and play. Stay. Because you want to stay.

(Lyrics) Harmful elements in the air
Symbols clashing everywhere
Reaps the fields of rice and reeds
While the population feeds

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giffgaff | The mobile network run by you

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