No7 Age-Defying Serums Ad with Lisa Andersen 30’

Watch 49-year-old surfer Lisa Andersen in our No7 Age-Defying Serums advert, proving she is READY TODAY & TOMORROW

This ad features surer Lisa Andersen climbing a "frozen" wave like it is a mountain while her surf board dangles below her. When she gets to the top, the wave begins moving again and she surfs away.

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I face many challenges ever day. Age is not one of them.
For skin that's ready today and tomorrow. Number 7 age defying serum with clinically proven results.

Written Text

No7 No 7 No. 7 Number 7 #7
Lisa Andersen, 49
4x World Champion
Ready today & tomorrow
Age-defying serums with clinically proven results

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No7 Age-Defying Serum Commercial

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No7 Age-Defying Serum Commercial