Will Finds A Way

Wherever we’re starting from. Wherever we’re heading.

Will finds a way.

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So how do you make it? How do you overcome the odds? There's Natasha's way. Be shy, focus on yourself till they focus on you. Or Juana's way.
Why by one champ when I want to be two?
Be like Usra. Let nothing...
Syrian refugee pulls boat to safety.
...destroy your dreams.
Screw fate.
Or maybe you beat doubt one step at a time, like Johnny. What about Zoe? Never satisfied. Not with trophies or stunts. Then there's Dennis. Work with what you've got to get what you don't. Or you could be like me. Dream of pro football, get hurt, dream over. Find yourself with just seven bucks in your pocket. So how did I get here? By being the hardest worker in the room. How are you gonna get here?

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Will Finds A Way
Under Armour
We Will

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