BMW X2 Commercial - The First-Ever BMW X2: Because normal should never be 'in style'.


The First-Ever BMW X2: Because normal should never be ‘in style’.

You challenge the status quo. You colour around the check-boxes. You don’t fit in – you stand out. You were born to be #TotallyUngovernable. Just like the first-ever BMW X2.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

They'll tell you you can't. That's just not how it's done. There's check boxes to tick. Certain way of doing things. Get the blazer, pass the test. Wait your turn, get in line. To get the right job, you need the right degree. You're wasting your time. Earn your keep. Earn a living. Live well, but not too well. Backwards ideas packaged as the norm. Then there are those who take normal up. They don't have time for the status quo. Rethinking, reworking, replacing, reshaping.Knowing the way it's always been isn't the way it has to be. You'll be judged, dismissed, rejected, but they don't get boxed into a corner just to get the corner office. They do what they want and they do it well. Completely untamed, downright unapologetic, totally ungovernable. The First Ever BMW X2

Written Text

Get The Blazer
Pass The Test
Wait Your Turn
Get In Line
You are no. 485 in the queue
You're Wasting Your Time
Earn Your Keep
Earn A Living
Be Totally Ungovernable
The First-Ever BMW X2.
Sheer Driving Pleasure

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