The Split: Trailer - BBC One

New six part drama written by Abi Morgan. Starring: Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Fiona Button, Deborah Findlay, Annabel Scholey, Anthony Head, Barry Atsma, Meera Syal and Stephen Tompkinson.

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This is my new lawyer.
Hannah Stern, senior partner.
She's gonna help me.
With what?
With our divorce.
I imagine it wasn't easy, leaving the family firm.
Couldn't pass by without kissing my wife.
Lawyers. You poke around in our lives. Take a look at your own.
Whatever this is, this has to stop.
It's a wonderful thing about Hannah, you can always rely on her to do the right thing.
Brand new drama. The Split. On BBC One.

(Lyrics) Rumour has it
Rumour has it
Rumour has it
Rumour has it
But, baby is it really what you want?

Written Text

Pure Drama
Is A Family Affair
The Split

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