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Refresh For What's Next

Coors light is lagered, filtered, and packaged cold for a crisper, cleaner finish to refresh you for what's next. Coors Light. The World's Most Refreshing Beer.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

For those who thirst for more, Coors Light is lagered, filtered, packaged cold, for a crisper, cleaner finish. To refresh you for what's next. Coors Light. The world's most refreshing beer.

(Lyrics) And we're off to a brand new day
And I'm back in the game
Making my own rules

Now we're rolling
Got me going
On the floor
I hit the ground running
Better listen
On a mission
At the door
I hit the ground running
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
I hit the ground running

Written Text

Coors Light
The World's Most Refreshing Beer

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