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At the turn of the 19th century, cycling was the world’s biggest sport, and Marshall ‘Major’ Taylor was its biggest superstar. He broke multiple world records, won championships and defeated competition all over the world. But he was still searching for something else: a true rival.

What’s your Wild Rabbit? Hennessy V.S Never stop. Never settle. #MajorTaylor

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And it looks as though Major Taylor is making a go for it. Working hard, passing men on the outside. Down the red line. Coming up on Byrne. He's really stepping on it. Taylor pushing. Byrne fading. There's little...oh, he's down! Byrne hits the deck as Taylor breaks him. The world champion, Marshall 'Major' Taylor!

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He won his first professional race in 1896.
by 1901, he was the world's most famous athlete.
Marshall 'Major' Taylor
What's Your Wild Rabbit?
Never stop. Never settle.
Since 1765

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