Lucozade Proves ‘Energy Beats Everything’ With a Campaign of Biblical Proportions

Lucozade Energy is taking its Energy Beats Everything campaign back to biblical times with the first ever telling of the David and Goliath prequel story.

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David and Goliath. The prequel.
Hey, David. Guess what you did last night?
You picked a fight with Goliath.
Goliath, the giant?
You can't say that.
But he is a giant.
David, you can't call people giants. It's what got you into this trouble in the first place.
But he's like 12 feet...9.
Macio, could you get the door, please?
David, there's an angry gentleman who'd like a word.
Is he a...giant?
Josiah, hand me my spear.
Macio broke it.
How 'bout a sling?
How 'bout a sling.
Energy beats everything!

Written Text

The Prequel
Energy Beats Everything
Yours, David's, The Universe's

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