RSPCA Commercial

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Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It takes the woman who calls and says she's not sure how the cat is next door. It takes dads and their lads who take birds fallen to put right, to take flight once more. It takes moments not knowing if they're coming or going. It takes us all to care when a farmer is fair with a check to the back of the back of a packet. It takes us all to act when the elements fight back. For the lost, the stranded, the scared. It takes tin shakers, cake bakers and chicken impersonators, pulling together, any weather, any how. It takes someone like you for the beatings to end when the voice of a friend gently whispers, it's OK. You're safe now.
Visit our website today for your free RSPCA guide and find lots of little ways to help.

Written Text

It takes all of us
to create a world that's kinder to animals

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