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Hit the streets of Mexico in a paradise city as wild and free as your summer is gonna be. Your new season pieces were made for sun soaked days and high energy nights. Step into the urban jungle and turn the volume way up in a punchy palette of this season's essential colours and prints. You're being served a fruit punch of tropical prints and loud blooms, set to stand out in the city heat. What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico, right? So get ready to live your best life and bring the heat in the sizzling styles to see you through balmy beach days to late night cocktails and everything in between.

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(Lyrics) Sigo bailando y escribiendo mis letras
Sigo cantando con las puertas abiertas
Atravesando por todas estas tierras
Y no hay que viaiar tanto pa' encontrar la repuesta

Y no te preocupes si no te apreuban
Cuando te critiquen tu solo di
¡Soy, yo!
¡Soy yo!

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