New Bigger Bolder Grill Combos-I Like It I Love It Extended

Try NEW Bigger Bolder Grilled Combos at Applebee’s starting at $12.99. Explorer the choices at: Fill your plate with our biggest grill combos yet. Choose from five combinations like ½ RackBaby Back Ribs & 7 oz. Grilled Whisky Chicken Breast or Grilled Shrimp Skewer & 7 oz. Grilled Whisky Chicken Breast, and get steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, onion tanglers and coleslaw on the side. These delicious combos start at just $12.99.

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We know what you like, so get more of it with Applebee's new Bigger Bolder Grill Combos. Now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.

(Lyrics) But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it
I try so hard, I can't rise above it
Don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'
But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it

You know what I like
Yeah, I like that

Written Text

Bigger Bolder Grill Combos
Two Meats
Two Sides
Starting at $12.99
Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood

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