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Andy’s ‘Red-Handed’ Breakfast Flatbreads | Tesco Food Love Stories

Andy’s party at his parents’ house got a little out of hand. To say sorry, he makes them his special ‘red-handed’ flatbread for breakfast.

Find the recipe here:

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I am never having a party again.
I only had a few mates over last night. Then they brought a few of their mates, who brought a few more. It was all fine until mum and dad came home a day early. So I'm making up to them with my very own breakfast flatbreads - with extra chili flakes for dad. I probably ought to make the neighbors some too.
Food love stories brought to you by Tesco.

Written Text

Andy's 'Red-Handed' breakfast flatbreads
Tesco Express
Every little helps

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