Here's to 60 Years of Pizza Hut

Celebrating 60 years of Pizza Hut. Raise a slice to all the ways No One OutPizzas the Hut.

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Here's to Pizza Hut celebrating 60 years under one roof. Here's to Original Pan, to Stuffed Crust, and tomorrow's,,,
What will they think of next?
Here's to the New Yorker, Big Foot Pizza, and inspiring us all to read with Book It! Here's to every night feeling like Friday and to breakfast the next morning. Here's to the first online pizza order.
Here's to the place we grew up and the pizza right fielders still love today. So raise a slice to another 60 years and all the ways no one out pizzas the hut.

Written Text

Pizza Hut
Celebrating 60 Years
No One Out Pizzas The Hut

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