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We believe that when you can see the bigger picture of your money you can make more confident choices. Introducing the Connected Money app – the start of a new relationship with your money.

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More bad news as UK's financial future looks uncertain.
More bad news.
Bad news.
Let us nay say the nay sayers and slap the kisser of uncertainty.
I was watching that.
Let us not dwell on the past. Let us stride into the future.
Let us step with a skip across the financial tightrope. And be ready for the rainy day. Let us dedraft our overdrafts, and sleep like logs under balanced sheets.
Whether we bank with the Bank of Mum and Dad, Dad and Dad, or Mum and Mum. Let us see where our money's really going. Taxi! Bye. Let us connect our money and see the bigger picture. Let us own the unknown!
Sun's bright!

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The Connected Money app
See your accounts from different banks all in one place
Together we thrive

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