Take card payments — Square and fair

By taking card payments with Square, businesses get their money next business day as standard, with no monthly fees or long-term commitments.

That's Square and fair.

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Whatever the size of your business, now you can take card payments, square and fair. Search 'Square' to find out more.

(Lyrics) I can't pretend to be a great celebrity
But still I'm quite important in me way
The job I have to do may not sound much to you
But all the same I'm very proud to say

I'm the girl that makes the thing
That drills the hole that holds the ring
That drives the rob that turns the knob
That works the thing-ummy-bob

I'm the girl that makes the thing
That holds the oil that oils the ring
That takes the shank that moves the crank
That works the thing-ummy-bob

That works the thing-ummy-bob

Written Text

'The Thing-Ummy-Bob"
Take Card Payments
Square and Fair

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