McDonald's 2018 Great Tastes of America - New York Stack Video Spot

Following success over the last 12 years, McDonald’s ‘Great Tastes of America’ is back supported by an integrated campaign from Leo Burnett London that takes it to new levels.

The campaign, comprising TV, radio, social, print and DOOH, and breaking nationally on 1st May, shows how just craving the Great Tastes of America range can transform Brits into their American alter egos.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Great tastes of America is back at McDonald's. I fancy the New York Stack.
What's that?
Two beef burgers. Bacon. Chunky cole slaw. Pickles. Cheese. All in a soft, sesame seed bagel.
Slam dunk.
Great Tastes of America is back at McDonald's. Go all out for the classic New York Stack, available until the 15th of May.

Written Text

Great Tastes of America
The New York Stack
In A Sesame Seed Bagel

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