Peugeot 208 - Even Sebastien Loeb needs a hand in the city


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Say hello to the Peugeot 208 with all new features like active city brake (if you need it). Whoa, ah ah. And a reversing camera so... what are you doing? Sebastien, Sebastien, you are supposed to look in the reversing camera. Come on, man! You're showing off. Whoa! Are we good? And cruise control that allows you... no, that's not cruising Sebastien. That's accelerating! You're gonna hit something! Don't bother showing off the park assist. Ha ha, not so easy Mr. Hot Shot Rally Driver. You brought this on yourself. The Peugeot 208 with active City Break, Reversing Camera, Cruise Control, and Park Assist.

Written Text

Peugeot - TX 080 WH
Test Track
Sebastien Leob
9x World Rally Champion
Reversing Camera
Cruise control area
Peugeot 208 Tech Edition
Everyone needs a hand in the city

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