This Summer | 2018 FIFA Men’s World Cup on FOX & FS1

This isn’t just some sporting event, it’s a four-week fist fight for the championship of the planet. Watch the FIFA World Cup on FOX and FS1 this summer.

Featuring the song “Over and Over and Over” by Jack White from his new album Boarding House Reach.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, you.
Yeah, you.
Do you realize what's about to happen this summer?
Uh, no.
This summer, allies become rivals. ??? is out for revenge. Men become gods. For the guy who literally has everything, it all of a sudden becomes not enough.
Hey there. Welcome to the obligatory David Beckham cameo. There he is. I specifically asked for Rooney.
So wake up.
Wake up!
You heard 'em. Get up.
I've been up.
Because this summer, beer becomes breakfast. Players become fans.
Sign me up.
This isn't just some sporting event. This is a full-week fist fight for the undisputed pound-for-pound heavyweight championship of the entire planet, and it's gonna change everything. This summer, routine becomes hazardous.
Something about that guy I don't like.
Because this summer, nothing else matters. This summer...
Yeah, I get it.

Written Text

FIFA World Cup
The world becomes the FIFA World Cup
June 14
FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
FOX, Fox Sports, FS1, Official broadcaster

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