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The Coca-Cola Regal Films program provides opportunities for up-and-coming film students to showcase their talent by making 35-second films for the big screen. Every time you share your favorite film, you’re supporting the next generation of filmmakers. Visit to see all the films.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi, I'm Clara.
And I'm Eva. And we're from Ithaca College.
Enjoy our film.
Jack, wanna see a movie?
I'd be down to see a movie.
I'm in. What movie are we gonna see?
Popcorn would taste so good with this Coke right now.
Hey! I'll drive us to Regal!

Written Text

Shot On | Red
Ithaca College
Clara Montague
Eva Kirie
Regal Films
Join Us In Supporting Next Generation Filmmakers.
Watch all five films, follow their journeys and vote for your favorite.

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