Katarina Johnson-Thompson Müllerlight Greek Style Yogurt TV advert

Müllerlight Greek Style yogurt.

High in protein. Thick. Müllerlicious. Fat free. AND no added sugar! No wonder KJT loves it. Have you tried it yet?

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Mueller Light Greek Style. High in protein. Thick, Mueller-licious and fat-free.
And, no added sugar.
No added sugar?
Mueller Light Greek Style. Mueller. Official yogurt of British athletics.

(Lyrics) Well, have you had your eyes checked lately, boy?
'Cause I can't see how you could ignore
Get your head on straight
Too little maybe too late
Listen up to what I'm sayin'

Take the blindfold off (take the blindfold off)
I'll be your saviour

Written Text

Katarina Johnson Thompson
World Indoor & Commonwealth Champion
Mueller Light Greek Style
0% Added Sugar
High In Protein
Fat Free
0% Added Sugar
High In Protein
Official Yogurt Of British Athletics

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