Walmart Commercial for Coca-Cola and One World Play Project - Jason Derulo, Coca-Cola and Walmart International Team Up to #Pas


Jason Derulo, Coca-Cola and Walmart International Team Up to #PassTheHappiness

This year, as the planet comes together to enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, one of the world’s largest sporting events, there is a simple yet powerful way that shoppers can make a difference. The “#PassTheHappiness” campaign invites fans to celebrate this time as a force for social good by purchasing participating Coca-Cola products at Walmart International Stores in 14 countries to provide the unpoppable One World FutbolTM to communities in need. It’s a simple way to make a difference. Together we can score big for our youth and build a legacy for future generations.

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Hey, what's up, y'all. It's Jason Derulo here. And while many of us are celebrating our nation's colors, and one of the world's largest sporting events, Coca-Cola and Walmart International and One World Play Project are giving kids around the world one more reason to celebrate. And they need our help. Football-loving, disadvantaged youth all over the world are keeping the play going, no matter the equipment. Playing on dirt or concrete, rather than grass, and with balls made of trash and twine.

These kids, our future, deserve so much more.

In more than 10 countries worldwide, Coca-Cola has teamed up with Walmart International and One World Play Project to provide unpoppable footballs to communities in need. Now these footballs never need a pump and never go flat, even when punctured or crushed. That way the fun never has to stop. Together, we can keep lighting up our world with joy. It's a simple way we can make a difference. To build a legacy for our future generations.

To join the efforts, simply go to Walmart, buy the participating Coca-Cola products and register your purchase. However you help, pass the happiness by joining in our efforts and together, we can score big for our youth.

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