“Ready For”, by Mercado McCann to Coca-Cola

Part of Coca-Cola 2018 World Cup global campaign, to run over 200 countries, “Ready For”, shows a company employee’s talk to the bottle, preparing them for the emotions they may experience during the FIFA World Cup alongside the fans, while inspiring them to “show the world what they’re made of”.

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OK, Coca-Cola Original, Light, Zero and Life bottles. All sizes and badges, you've been chosen for a very special time in people's lives. The FIFA World Cup.
You may not see happy families around the table or couples in love. You'll see people in love with their colors.
Many of you are going to be desired, kissed, maybe spilt, thrown to the floor or crushed.
But that passion, it shows us we're alive.
It doesn't matter if you're at a stadium or that kiosk in the middle of nowhere.
You can sweeten the bitter taste of defeat. You can enhance the taste of a victory.
Show the world what you have inside of you. Good luck.

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Taste the Feeling

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