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When your time comes, you have two choices. You can be the kid no one's heard of. Or you can be the kid no one saw coming. This is the Defiant Mixtape, Vol. I. #MadeDefiant

Special Appearances: Fyodor Smolov, David De Gea, Eden Hazard, Thierry Henry, Patrice Evra, Raúl Jiménez, Serena Williams Music: Anderson .Paak, Enya, Jonah Christian, King Mez, Ring The Alarm Narrator: Paul Anderson Director: Guy Ritchie Shop: The Decade Collection by Beats by Dre: Listen to “Bubblin” by Anderson .Paak on Apple Music:

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This is a mixtape. A mixtape about defiance. Defiance is like, when the odds are stacked against you, but you go anyway. So this is how we take it around the world and how we bring it back.
Son? Can you go kick the ball outside please?
OK, mum.
You ever step back, take a look at your life and think, "How'd I get here?" Let me tell you something. It really came down to a moment. The moment you learned to turn obstacle into opportunity. This story is all about that.
Look at this guy. This is Harry. He's from Walthamstow. Loves football. Loves his family. Loves his dogs.
This too is Harry.
H to the K-O!
Also from Walthamstow. Loves football. Loves his family. Do you get the picture? Four years ago, both Harrys watched the big show from their sofa. Difference is, this Harry said...
I could not do that.
And This Harry went, "I'm having some of that!". Harry Kane went from couch to captain in just four years. Who knew? He knew.
Now the tale of modern football can't be told without this German kid. I mean, German-Turkish kid. I mean German-Turkish Muslim kid. Name's Mesut Ozil. His beginnings were modest. Then, yeah, his boots were held together with tape. But it pushed him forward into becoming the greatest passing midfielder of his generation. Now he's off to do what no other German, Turk, or Muslim for that matter, has ever done. Win two in a row. Can he do it again? Let's ask her.
That's it? Just two in a row?
Bonjour. You probably have been wondering, "Thierry, what is a mixtape?". Well, it's a collection of songs that convey a message. The only rule is, there are no rules.
Thank you, Thierry.
This one's for my dude, Mendy.
Remember the name. Benjamin Mendy. A.K.A. "The Shark". Now the defender ain't always been sexy. But this shark patrols French waters with a vengeance. Struggles? You could say that. But despite all the man's been through, he's still on a mission to make the defender sexy again.
Come on guys. I made it sexy 10 years ago. I love this game!
Now this is Paris. But if you're in the same room as Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, you're always in Brazil. Four years ago fate dealt him a bad hand. But from that bad hand, he drew his greatest weapon. Faith. Now, where'd he get his attitude from? Well, he was inspired by him. And he continues to inspire him. And they, all in turn, inspire him. Remember him? This is Andre. And he's the future of Russian football. Though he may only just be realising that now.

You ever look up at your life and go, "How did I get here?" This is how.
Go on, son.

(Lyrics) One in the hand
One in the bag
Look at the cash
Look at the cash
Comin' in

Written Text

Defiant / adjective /
full of or showing a disposition to
challenge, resist, or,
Directed By
Guy Ritchie
The Defiant MIxtape Vol. 1
Track 1
Harry Kane
Ho To The K-O
Track Two
track 3
Benjamin Mendy The Shark
Track 4
made defiant
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