The peaceful beer Pacífica made with seawater

Bolivia has been a landlocked country since 1879, when it lost its

access to the Pacific Ocean to Chile. Until this day the sea continues to distance the two countries, even reaching the International Court in the Hague. Franka, a small craft brewery, believes it is possible for both nations to share the sea, and to prove it created "Pacifica", the first Bolivian craft beer made with seawater from the Pacific Ocean, so that Bolivians and Chileans could sit at the same table and drink as friends. We created a commercial to tell the story of how we traveled 1568 km to Antofagasta (Chile) to collect a sample of seawater that we then took to Santa Cruz (Bolivia) to elaborate “Pacifica”.

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In 1879, the Pacific ocean separated two nations - Bolivia and Chile. That year, both countries went to war. And today, they keep arguing in the International Court of Justice in the Hague.
It doesn't really seem appropriate to give it up today.
We beat them, they have nothing to reclaim.
We should immediately say no.
139 years after the war in the Pacific, a small Bolivian craft brewery, facing the people's preference for the major national beer companies, traveled to Antofagasta, Chile to collect a sample of sea water. Then in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we desalinated and prepared one special beer. St. Visalia Franka presents Pacifica. The peaceful beer made with seawater. We used the same sea that separates Chileans and Bolivians as the main ingredients to invite them to share.

On March 23, 2018, the day Bolivians celebrate El Dia del Mar, we invited both Bolivians and Chileans who reside in Bolivia to try Pacifica. We garnered the press's national and international attention.
An artisanal beer producer.
A craft beer made in Bolivia with Chilean sea water, otherwise known as Pacifica.
That's how we managed to appear on the most important news channels with zero media budget. Even the Mayor of Antofagasta heard about Pacifica
It is very clear that it is a communication campaign that calls for peace, friendship and mutual respect between both nations.
And so, that's how a small craft brewery managed to unite two countries. Pacifica. The sea can be shared.

Written Text

"An initiative which attracted attention, seeking to strengthen ties between both countries."
Today they keep on arguing in the International Court of Justice in the Hague.
Bolivian Craft Beer
Beer Made With Seawater.
On March 23rd, 2018, the day Bolivians celebrate El Dia del Mar.
$400.000 Worth Of Free Media With $0 Media Budget.
Karen Rojo, Mayor
Cerveza Boliviana Con Sabor A Mar Chileno
The Sea Can Be Shared

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