Help stop the senseless spread of shirtlessness

Every shirtless selfie is a cry for a quality t-shirt. The Eversoft® tee from Fruit of the Loom® can help. #PutAShirtOn

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Every 7.3 seconds, a man posts a photo of himself without a shirt. A concern that last year alone, exposed over 352 million people to a tragic problem. Shirts are falling apart before men can take a picture in them. How are these shirts getting so shredded, ripped, cut up? We don't know. But we can make a difference. By identifying the men living without a quality T-shirt and commenting on shirtless selfies with #PutAShirtOn, we can work through this epidemic together.
With something as simple as wearing Fruit of the Loom's EverSoft T with Dual Defense, men can defend against more than odor and moisture, they can defend against...shirtlessness. With just one hashtag a day, you can make a difference. Eversoft from Fruit of the Loom.

Written Text

Every 7.3 Seconds
A Man Posts A Photo Of Himself
Without A Shirt.
Shirts Are Falling Apart
Before Men Can Take A Picture In Them
Fruit Of The Loom

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