Behind the Mac — Peter Kariuki

Entrepreneur and app developer Peter Karikui coded SafeMotos on his Mac. The app connects passengers with safe motorcycle taxi drivers across Rwanda.

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Roads in Africa are very dangerous. Drivers do not have an incentive to drive safely, rather to take as many trips as they can. So the idea of SafeMotos started with me and my business partner, and we were wondering is there a way you can learn about the quality of the driver before you took him. We monitor them when they're on the road to detect unsafe driving habits and help them become better drivers. It's amazing how much you can build from a Mac. Especially with coding, I can build anything from by laptop. I just have to imagine it. It's a real empowering tool to be able to transform these ideas into actually something that can be shared with others.

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Peter Kariuki - App developer, entrpreneur
Peter Kariuki's app is helping make the roads safer for everyone.
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Behind the Mac
Behind the Mac - Peter Kariuki

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