Behind the Mac — Grimes

Using a Mac as a portable recording studio allows Grimes to make music on her own terms.

Learn more about making music on Mac at Song: “that’s what the drugs are for” by Grimes

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I hate permission, you know. I don't want permission. I just want to drop something. I just drop it. I write all the music, edit all the music videos, and then I do all the single art digitally. Even since I've started making music, technology has advanced in such a way that it's become substantially easier and more affordable. It's super important for me to work on the floor a lot. Not having a studio, not having like a professional setup, just being able to kind of like move my thing around. You can do way weirder things if you're alone in a room and you're not worried about people judging you. Anyone can do this. You have the tools. Everyone has the tools to do this.


This is the song I wrote you in the dark

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Behind the Mac - Grimes
Grimes - recording artist
All of her music begins on a Mac.
By creating her art from start to finish, Grimes shows the power of controlling your own vision.
Make something wonderful

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