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Google challenged France's Herezie to reach high-profile CEOs of large companies in order to introduce them to its superior cloud offering.

Herezie came up with a brilliant idea that uses data in a creative way and relies on a very non-digital medium to sell a digital product: books. But not any book. A book that tells the future of your professional life. How does it work ? A boatload of data was fed into Google Cloud that was able to predict from it what the next ten years of a CEO would look like. Herezie then teamed up with a renowed publishing house and expert ghostwriters to pen unique biographies of ten CEOs of the largest firms in the country. An esteemed economist also wrote the foreword for each book. And only one copy of each book was produced that was hand delivered to each CEO.

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And it was very, very different from anything we've ever done before on Google Cloud.

At Google Cloud, we are passionate about helping customers, enterprises, employees, CEOs, and board members embrace the digital transformation.

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"Google Cloud has changed the face of prospecting forever" - F.O. Giestbert - the only journalist made aware of the operation
Google Cloud has the best tools to stock, analyze, transform information.
Now we can also predict the future.
We wanted to reach global corporate leaders. We wanted to reach the unreachable to inform them, To explain to them, to convince them to use Google Cloud Solutions.
Introducing The Biography of Tomorrow
We analyzed 10 different markets. We turned interviews, Google visions, economic facts, market analysis, social observations, a full library of knowledge into 10 books.
We needed to catch their attention. We needed them to open them. We needed them to never throw them away. So we created 10 books about 10 global executives. 10 books about their future. 10 confidential books. 10 personalized stories starting the day they sign with Google Cloud. Showing the next 10 years of their businesses, the next 10 years of their lives. We partnered with the publishing company Cherche Midi. 10 authors, 10 books, 150 pages. The future of hotels is underwater. The story starts in 2025 in a hotel underwater...

"Now I know more about his future than he does" - A.D. - Ghostwriter
"We created accurate and entertaining stories" - J.D. - Author
We created the first biographies of anticipation.

The famous economist Jacques Attali wrote each preface. Each executive was invited to make this future come true.

Jonathan Hadida - Head of Enterprise Marketing - Google Cloud France
Salime Nassur - Head of Field Marketing - Google Cloud France

So far, 2 out of the 10 have signed with us.
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