Now and Then

In Vegas, the improbable doesn’t just exist in your imagination – it flourishes around every corner. You just have to keep your eyes (and your mind) open, as a young couple in love is about to find out. When you’re free to be yourself, anything can happen. Thinking about creating your own Vegas wedding moment?

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Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wait for it... Wait for it...
Let's get married.
Yeah, right. On what planet?
I''m serious. We knew we'd get married on the night we met. We met here.

I didn't plan anything else to say, I just... well, wanted to meet you.

Let's get married here tonight. It's Las Vegas.
What do you mean your parents aren't proud of you? You are beautiful, successful.
I'm charming.
I don't think it's my sense of humor they have an issue with.
We can't get married tonight. My parents would never forgive me.
For getting married without them, or for who you're getting married to?
They don't see the world the way we do.
Well, how do you know that? You never asked.
I don't have to ask. I know them.
Well, if you never ask, you can't know.

We are going to be together forever.
You just met me.
Trust me. I know these things. It's a gift.
We'll see.

What are you doing?
Look. It's a wedding. It's fate. Let's just peek. Let's get married.
I can't. My parents...
Call them.
Dad? Mom? Let's get married.


... ready ... going steady but I love you
Happy, I don't understand

Hey you, you're beautiful
Just you and me
All these things around us
They don't really matter
It's true, love's wonderful
I knew
I just hope to live in this moment with you
Live in this moment with you
Live in the moment
We were born to be together
Together together together

Every time you look in my eyes
It's like fire under water
It's like fire under water

Written Text

Las Vegas presents Now & Then
Destiny happens here.
Las Vegas

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