Star Wars 'Childhood Immunization' PSA

R2 worries about coming down with childhood diseases like 'whooping cough' (or Pertussis for you eggheads out there). Threepio, of all characters, calms him down then tells the 'parents of Earth' to make sure their kids are fully immunized. From the late 70's.

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Come along, R2. Don't be so silly. You can't possibly be getting whooping cough. Droids don't get diseases like whooping cough or measles or polio.
But children do. If a young child gets whooping cough, it can lead to pneumonia, brain damage, even death.
All you need is a little re-wiring, but children need to be fully immunized, and alas, so many are not.
Oh alright, R2. I'll ask them. Parents of Earth, are your children fully immunized against childhood diseases? Call your doctor or local health department and find out. Immunize your children please. And may the force be with you.

Send for the Parents' Guide to Childhood Immunization. It's yours free.

Written Text

Parents' Guide to Childhood Immunization

Pueblo, Colorado 81009

Your Health Department and Public Health Service
U.S. Dept. Health, Education, & Welfare

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