Sunbites UK | Helping good grow with ‘The Sun Powered Film’

At Sunbites, we believe that a little good can grow. That’s why to create our ‘Good Grows’ ad, we decided to use the same natural source of energy we use to grow our wholegrains: the sun.

Our agency installed solar-panels on our request, and used the summer sunshine to power the making of our ads– they even captured real sunlight to light the scenes – that’s real sunlight in our animated world! Our ‘Sun Powered Film’ is a big step forward in sustainable film-making. Just another way we make sure there’s a little bit of good in every bite. See how we’re helping good grow at

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At Sunbites, we believe a little good can grow. That's why we make sure there's a little taste good and do good in every bite. Sunbites. Good grows. And try our multigrain and veggie snacks.

(Lyrics) Everything is wonderful
Everything is great
And I'm as free as a bird outside my windowpane
I got a fresh new start
It's a brand new day
And I got lots of love to give away

It don't matter if it's raining
Nothing can phase me
I make my own sunshine

Written Text

3 sun grown whole grains
proudly supporting CARE International
Good Grows
see how we're helping good grow
Multigrain & Veggie Snacks

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