The Meetup

Las Vegas isn’t just a destination – it’s a state of mind. And one business traveler has made up his mind that it’s time to be the best version of himself – with a little help from Vegas, of course.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Let's do this. How much is this one?
This one is $240,000, sir.
I'll take that one.
You are not leaving until I see what's in your briefcase.
Another time, perhaps.
Oh, Chuck! Man, this is some place you picked. Did you see the view? They've got 37 different kinds of tea here. Whoa! Look at that suit! You smell delicious! Thanks for the carpet samples, Chuck.
It's Charles.
Whatever you say, Ch...Charles. See you at the sales meeting!

Written Text

Las Vegas Presents
The Meetup
Reinvention Happens Here.
Las Vegas

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