The Anniversary

Vegas is the perfect place to discover something new about yourself - but it can also be the perfect place to rediscover who you are, as one married couple is about to find out.

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Hey babe, it's me. Listen, I know things haven't been the best between us lately. It's our wedding anniversary and I was thinking, what if we just started over this weekend? Like, get to know each other again. Let's meet in the lounge at 7:00. OK? I love you.
I'm not looking for conversation.
This is Vegas. It's a perfect place to talk to strangers. I'm Paul.
Please, join me.
This is the part where you tell me your name.
It would be.
I'm a carpet salesman. I'm just in town for a convention.
Well that is just fascinating, Paul. Please tell me more.
All right, actually, I'm a race car driver. Is that a smile?
I'm Catherine.
Wanna get out of here, Catherine?
Wow. Give me one good reason I should.
Give me one good reason you shouldn't.
Three things about you.
Three things? Uh, I hate to fight, but I love to dance. Third thing's a secret. See if you can figure it out?
After you.
I thought chivalry was dead.
Well, it's making a comeback.
We'll see.
Come on, come in. Join me.
No way.
It's Vegas, remember?
This isn't real life.
It should be.
I think I just figured out your secret.
You caught me. I'm married.
Me too. Best decision I've ever made.
It's the best decision we've ever made. I've missed you.
I've missed you too.

Written Text

Las Vegas Presents
The Anniversary
Rekindled Happens Here.
Las Vegas

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