Stay Clear, Stay Safe - A Cautionary Tale (90 Second Version)

Don’t ignore the warning sign, your life could be on the line.

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(Lyrics) Gather 'round the fire, let's sing a song
About a young little beaver and his dream
To catch a fish that was fat and long
That was harder than it seemed
One day luck will turn
You don't know when it will be
A prize of a fish, every angler's wish
I know it's waitin' for me

The going was rough, the fish wouldn't bite
Wonder if he'd ever win the fight
Fishin' along with a rod and a song
Hoped some day he'd get it right

A beautiful day over yonder
The answer to his fishing dream
He was reeling in with all his might
When a long shadow, dark as night

Don't ignore that warning sign
Your life could be on the line

Did he die?
He escaped by the skin of his teeth

Lots of fish there will always be
But just one you and just one me

On behalf of OPG, stay clear and stay safe.

Written Text

Ontario Power Generation
Stay Clear, Stay Safe!
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