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Louis the 14th (XIV) returns in the final season of Versailles, Canal+'s historical TV series. Everyone has voiced their opinion on this successful series.
...series focused on King Louis XIV.
The ... drama, Versailles, has caused a bit of a stir.
Yes, everyone, except for one person. The real Louis XIV himself. To make this possible, Canal+ decided to recreate the voice of the King more than 300 years after his death. Every detail was known about Louis XIV's appearance and life, but what of his voice?

Hello, world. My name is Louis XIV.

Thankfully, Louis XIV was monitored every day from his birth to his death. Everything was recorded in writing in his health journal. From the structure of his skull, the shape of his vocal chords and lungs, to even mouth aberration which forever modified his pronunciation, vocal output, and accent. For months on end, historians and scientists collected all this data and ran it through a voice simulation program to recreate the vocal chords of the King. Thanks to this, synthetic speech experts were able to create a voice no one had ever heard before.

The world has changed a great deal in the last 300 years.

This synthetic voice, combined with Google's artificial intelligence allowed Louis XIV to be resurrected from the dead, enabling him to converse with the entire world.

What do you think of the series Versailles?
I was immediately impressed. The decors and the costumes are simply remarkable.
What is it like being stuck inside and iPad? You're not cramped?
There's a window, but indeed, there is more room in my castle.
Yes, that's for sure

The series Versailles is not a fiction. It's my life.

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Amazing - Vogue
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Fruity, sticky, and more entertaining - The Guardian
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Louis XIV - Royal Speech Synthesis
Canal+ presents The Real Voice of Louis XIV

Journal de la Sante Du Roi Louis XIV
De L'annee 1647 a L'annee 1711
ecrit par Vallot, D'aquin et Fagon
Tous trois ses Premiers-Medecius

Over 15 million French people heard the voice of their greatest king for the first time.

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