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The first World Cup in footballs history took place in Uruguay in 1930. The final match found the host facing his neighbor country, Argentina. Considering that in 2030, it will be 100 years since the first World Cup, both countries decided to honor this emblematic date by applying together to host the World Cup that year. Potential hosts not only invest millions, but also tried to seduce the ones deciding with every resource available. How to stand out from the rest of the appliers without ending up as one more of the contestants? With lobby, with money, maybe, but it's better to do it with an idea. And who's better to carry out an idea than two friends. A couple of friends who are used to people talking about them and that are willing to make the same happen with their countries.

At the beginning of the eliminatory match between Uruguay and Argentina, we asked Luis Suarez to wear shirt number 20 and Leonel Messi number 30. We knew that, as always, every camera of the world would be aiming on our stars. The result? A boring match. Sorry the idea result, with a financial investment lower than $200, Argentina and Uruguay application to host World Cup 2030 was seen in every corner of the universe. Okay, at least the football universe. 2030 initiative and a world like footballs were millions soon to move everything an idea seems to move millions.

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Uruguay 1930

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