Orange - Alone In The World

Orange supports you when everything shifts dramatically and launches its new Service 24h campaign. The heart beats on the fast lane, hands become sweaty, fear is going up… who never experiment that feeling when you cannot find… your mobile phone?

It’s a fact, world is falling down when we are far from our mobile phone, even for few seconds. Orange spotlights this special feeling in its latest TVC, directed by Martin Werner (Henry), to showcase its 24h service guaranteed who allows you a mobile loan within 24h in case of mobile loss, theft or damages. Through a relentless, but also accurate and funny metaphor, the brand brilliantly stages a young adult who facing this solitude impression. This Orange saga new opus was released since May 13th on TV. And the following day, in order to let the Orange community to interact on social network around this mobile loss trial, the brand had broadcasted videos illustrating the sensation afforded feeling by this loss with the #WithoutMyMobilePhone.

This ad shows a man at the train station. He suddenly realizes that he his missing his phone and starts to panic. Out of nowhere, he washes up on a deserted island and has to survive by catching fish, climbing trees to pick bananas, and making a fire with rocks. He breaks his leg, and scrawls "HELP" in the sand on the beach before making crutches out of two sticks. He tries to make a raft and fails, huge spiders crawl over him, it rains, then... he finds his phone and he's back to safety in the train station.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


We were at the beach
Lots of bubbles
Lots of bubbles
He was in a jam
He's in a giant clam
Rock lobster

Written Text

It doesn't take long to feel lost without your mobile
24H service guarantee
Mobile lending in case of loss, damage, or theft
It's all about care
It's all about what matters to you

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