New York Lottery - Odds of Love

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What are the odds?
Oh, what's the chance,
We'd fall in love at first glance?
What are the odds (so you feel it as well?)
One in a mill (oh, this'll work, I can tell)
This guy's so great, you're gonna love him, Jill
Wait, who's Jill
Oh, I'm constantly texting
What are the odds our love would grow even though we won't be exclusive (we won't?)
We have the same interests, like travelling (no)
Children? (whoa)
I want a house in the suburbs surrounded by trees
I can't leave the city, I have allergies

This is never gonna work out.
Yeah. Why don't we play Take 5 from the New York Lottery instead? The odds of winning that are one in nine.
It's been real.
It's been a blast.
Let's try to win some cash.

Written Text

1 in 9 odds
Daily draw
Go for the win
New York Lottery

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