This is Family

Every family is a little different.

There’s big families, little families, loud families, cat families, crazy families, roommate families, families with different points of view, families that sign, families that shout, families that giggle, and families who don’t. But for all the ways we’re different, there’s one way we’re all the same: we all could be a little more connected. That’s why we make the things that bring family together.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, Dad, you didn't get the eggs, did you?
Hey Bixby, do I have any eggs?
Yes. They expire in 7 days.
Hi Bixby.
Hi Bixby.
Hi Bixby.
I know, but...
Mom! They're here!
Hi Bixby. Start dinnertime mode now.
See, I thought he was gonng get there! Aw, man!

(Lyrics) So won't you
Come back don't you be a stranger 'cause you
Are a friend to me
These days get a little better with a little company
Honey we could all get together
Honey we could all have company

? the better off we could be

Written Text

We make the things that bring family together

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