Big Mac vs Big Mac

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Now to the Big Mac-a-holic who says he has eaten 12,000 Big Macs.
Big Mac.
Big Mac.
Big Mac.
Big Mac!
People love their Big Macs. But here at Burger King, we know that the secret to a great tasting burger is flame grilling. How can we convince other people that flame-grilling is the way to cook a burger? By convincing our toughest guests - the Big Mac lovers.

Introducing Big Mac versus Big Mac. The ultimate taste test between the original and the flame-grilled Big Mac. We'll do whatever we can to get our hands on the ingredients. Anything.

Can we get some raw patties? Just the raw patties?
Raw what?
Is that possible?
Yo, I can't do that, man.
I mean, we'll pay extra cash.

Then, we'll invite Big Mac lovers to taste the ultimate burger.
Big Mac, I love.
Dude, I love the Big Mac.
When you think fast food, you think Big Macs.
Mmm, the taste.
it's fast, it's quick, it's good as shit.
Ooh! Big Macs!
I actually had a Big Mac for lunch today.
If it looks like a Big Mac and it smells like a Big Mac, then it is a Big Mac, right?
Mmm, hell yeah!
Exactly the same as my lunch.
it's a classic. Can I try this one?
Is this the new menu?
This has something different!
Like cookout.
Yeah, we took a Big Mac and flame-grilled it.
Wait, so...wait!
Oh, no!
It's from Burger King?
Like, one step above.
I can never eat this again?
So is this your new menu? This is the new Big Mac?
The best Big Mac that money can't buy.

Written Text

Burger King
Big Mac vs Big Mac
The Ultimate Taste Test Between The Original And The Flame-Grilled Big Mac.
"Burger King is flame-grilling the competition (literally)."
Burger King

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