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Saddle up, we’re taking new season to the wild west with the spirit of the rodeo. When it comes to our transitional wardrobe, we’re dusting off the trend and giving it a fresh new feel. Think the best of the west with distressed, true blue denim, paired with lived in graphic tees and kickass cowgirl boots. Mix the good, the badass and the pretty glam with soft suede, tough snakeskin prints and sleek dresses in warm earth tones. Stake your own claim on the Midwest, this season you call the shots.

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(Lyrics) I say your name like a mantra
Whatcha doin' to me, mmm, baby, danke
Cuz, I really really really really want ya
Yeah, I really really really really want ya

Do your, do your thing
Do your, do your thing
Do your thing
Do your, do your, do yourthing
Do your, do your thing
Just do your thing

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